The Ermittlungsausschuss Berlin (legal team) is a legal support group. It has been around for more than 30 years. We take care of people who get arrested at left-wing demonstrations and actions. If people call us and tell us the names of the arrested persons, we bring them in contact with lawyers, so nobody gets ‚lost‘ in pre-trial custody. If nevertheless somebody remains in custody, we take care of the prisoners . We offer legal advice on all questions surrounding repression during our consultation hours, every Tuesday from 8pm until 10pm. If you need counseling in English, please bring somebody for translation or let us know beforehand, so that we can organize someone who speaks English.

Organizing a demonstration

As the Ermittlungsausschuss one of our main tasks is to support demonstrations via telephone. We collect the names of arrested people to ensure that nobody gets lost in pre-trial confinement and to make sure that nobody has to face the custodial judge without a lawyer.
In order to do so, it is crucial that we know about a demonstration/ an action plenty of time ahead. We are people who do lots of other stuff outside our work in the Ermittlungsausschuss, ranging from paid work to other political activities.

That means: if you don’t let us know in time about your demonstration, it might be the case that we simply don’t have enough time and possibly can’t take care of detainees appropriately . In the worst case, people are sent to pre-trialcustody without having had contact with one of our lawyers. You, as organizers of a demonstration are responsible to inform us in time.

That’s why:

Come to our consultation-hours early , not just one or two weeks in advance.

Don’t call, don’t write emails, but come by in person. Then we can talk about everything else here.

Already bring  a contact-telephone number with wich we can reach you at the demonstration.

Think about how you as a group/organizing committee can look after people who are affected by repression beforehand. We can give you some support for that.
We are aware, that this is impossible in case of spontaneous demonstrations. In that case, please write as quickly as possible via email (don’t forget to encrypt the mail!) AND leave a message on our telephone answering machine (don’t forget to leave a contact number). If there is still enough time, it’s always the best to come to our counseling hours. We will do our best to take care of the demonstration.
Thank you.
Your Ermittlungsausschuss Berlin.